Why Do I Like The Real Housewives?

I think I'm smart. Though I did study German, instead of Spanish, so maybe I'm not that smart, but I do okay. But despite my good education and great job, there are a few things that I read and watch that I'm kind of embarrassed to like. But clearly not embarrassed enough to keep me from writing about it.

I love me some Real Housewives. For whatever reason, watching a group full of women fight about ridiculous things makes me incredibly happy with myself. It makes no sense logically. I never yell at my so-called girlfriends the way these women go at it with each other and I while I enjoy hosting a good party, I'm not going to other people's parties every night of the week. That would be too exhausting for this introvert. Since the Real Housewives of Orange County’s new season kicked off earlier this week, I thought it would be a good time, and sort of a fun experiment, to figure out exactly why I like the housewives.

Here's what I came up with:

Nobody has their sh*t together.

There is comfort in coming to the realization that just because someone is older than you doesn't necessarily mean they are smarter than you. In the real world, this is a valuable lesson as a young woman in the workforce and in real housewives world, it's hysterical to see kids of these women being the voice of reason. Vicki’s daughter Brianna and Ramona’s daughter Avery come to mind.

You gotta appreciate them putting everything out there.

Almost every day I'm putting something out there on social media and for the most part, it's not super personal information. Sure, I divulge some personal information, I am a blogger and a live in the modern world, but there is a lot that I don't share. And that is intentional. I don't even have a big following… yet, but still I hesitate and filter what goes out. The women on the real housewives of (insert city here) lay it all out there. Literally and figuratively. And frankly they are getting even more forthcoming about their sex lives and other personal struggles as these shows have progressed. Sure, many of the women are just attention-seeking, but many feel somewhat authentic in the information they reveal about themselves. It's pretty impressive.

The Housewives know how to pick a vacation spot.

Sure, fights ensue, people make out with pirates, somebody tries their hardest not to interact with their nemesis of the moment. It happens. It’s not exactly lying on the beach with a trashy novel, going to local museums, or really getting to know the local culture. But they are housewives, we don’t expect them to. But we do expect them to go to fun and faraway and sometimes even exotic destinations. I hope the tourism industry in each country is seeing a return on their Real Housewives investment. I for one couldn’t help but Google flights to Hong Kong after watching the ladies from Beverly Hills explore the city.

They just can't let things go.

It's incredibly frustrating at times but then again, it's so human. I can't even begin to count the number of times a housewife has brought something up from out of the blue that took place years ago. Things that they should have gotten past, but are clearly holding onto. It's annoying, cringe-worthy, but I also kind of get it.

The original songs are absolutely ridiculous.

With the exception of Erika Jayne, the housewives can't sing. It's a truth universally acknowledged. Luann, Kim, Melissa, they've all recorded their own songs and they are so serious about it. Like they think there is an actual chance that they will become the next Britney Spears. You gotta admire that kind of confidence.

I can turn my brain off.

If you have a busy week at work, nothing is more relaxing than an episode of Housewives. I think the yelling produces anxiety for some people, but for me, it's ridiculous fun. It's an escape and one that I don't need to follow too closely to get the gist of. It's not a complex Netflix drama or an HBO show with a million characters. You can just let your mind relax, you don't have to tune everything else out to understand what's going on.

The recaps are just as funny as the show.

A few years ago I started reading Vulture’s Real Housewives recaps, which are sarcastic, comedy-laden reviews of the previous night's episode. It's the perfect synthesis of all the thoughts you had about the show, but way better written. They do the write ups for a few, if not all, of the cities.

Clearly there are some solid reasons for liking the show and others that are just “meh” at best. Ultimately, I'm not sure it matters exactly why I like housewives, just that I do. I definitely plan to keep watching it and continue to wonder why I do.