What Kind of Traveler Am I?

The Budgeter. The No-Expense Traveler. The Guidebook Memorizer. The Eat Pray Love Recreator. The Repeater.

There are many types of travelers and travel styles - the ones listed above just the tip of the iceberg.

As a travel blogger I can’t help but wonder what type of travel style I fall into.

I’m wouldn't peg myself as a thrill seeker.

But I also don’t avoid adventure.

And I am definitely not a minimalist, packing only a carry on and going from there.

My travel style is more of a blend - and often times my travel styles are in direct conflict with one another.

My Travel Style Is….

Organized.. But within reason

My Costa Rica travel binder

My Costa Rica travel binder

I like to plan and be organized, but it's in a limited way. You definitely won’t see me planning out every minute of a trip, booking everything in advance and leaving no wiggle room to wander and roam. But before I go on any trip I do need to have these FOUR things:

  1. My plane tickets (for all legs of a trip)

  2. My hotels booked

  3. To know how I am getting from the airport to my first hotel

  4. Local currency (if applicable)

With these steps completed, and the confirmation information at the ready, I can confidently take off for a far off destination or a weekend getaway.  It’s everything I really need to get from point A to point B and have a roof over my head while I sleep. Everything else can be Googled later when I have a wifi connection on my phone. I like to know what things I want to do, but not necessarily when I want to do them

My penchant for organization really comes to light in how I bring all this information with me. I like to have hard copies of my travel information safely stored in a physical travel binder, with soft copies of my flight and hotel docs all readily accessible in my Google docs, and on my Expedia app.

Last minute

I'm definitely a last minute booker. More often than not, I know the time of year I want to take my big trip (in the Fall) and don't book anything until it's one or two months away from my intended departure date. Leading up to the trip I am doing cursory research and checking for deals, but not really going through and pulling the trigger. Having already blocked this time off mentally and I know the trip will become a reality eventually.

Wandering centric

I care more about wandering around a new cith than checking off a list of tourist attractions I want to see. Sure, if you are in London, you will want to see the Tower Bridge, Parliament and the Tower of London. As you should. But walking around the city, taking in the architecture, food and feel- whether it is London, or Buenos Aires - is where I find the most satisfaction.

About packing “just enough” and not too much

I'm not a packing minimalist, but I'm definitely careful not to over pack. I try to have a reason for everything I pack (or at least I try to anyway), whether I am going away for one night or one year. I still can't believe I only took one suitcase with me when I went I studied abroad in Europe for a year. I did this again when I spent a month in Kenya two summers ago. It was possible because I knew I could always get what I needed once I got to my destination. Pre-travel jitters often stem from worry that you'll forget something. And while I definitely still get that feeling, it's grounding to know that most places you are traveling to have pharmacies and clothing stores and electronic stores. As long as you have access to local currency and a credit card, you will be okay most of the time. Some questions I ask myself when packing include:

  • What types of shoes do I really need to wear while I'm gone? Walking shoes? Sandals for the beach? Hiking boots for mountain trails? (Okay, I probably wouldn't ask myself that last question, but you get the gist).

  • How can I mix and match my clothes to create multiple outfit options? Can I layer shirts if I get cold? Can I use scarves to create different looks without adding more shirts or jewelry to my bag? When I spent a month working in Kenya I decided I only needed five work outfits that I would Jen mix and match. It worked well and prevented me from having the “what should I wear today?” Dilemma

Not repetitious

You won't find me going back to the same resort Cabo over and over again. And although I could definitely keep going back to Europe, I don't because there is so much of this world I haven't even scratched the surface of.

Asia? Never been. Australia and New Zealand? Haven't been there either. There is so much to explore, and sights yet to be seen. I feel like I'd be doing myself a disservice if most of my trips weren't to someplace new.

I'm not sure it matters what type of traveler we are traveling and have fun while we do it.

So what type of traveler are you? Do you fit neatly into one box or do you fit some troupes but not others? Here's a Buzzfeed quiz to help figure it out.