Kaffeeklatsch San Francisco: George and Lennie

My partner and I like to find good coffee wherever we travel. And whether we travel together, or alone, we think coffee is always the best souvenir to bring back. Since coffee plays a large role in my travel itinerary, I thought it'd be fun to highlight coffee shops I frequent in Sacramento, as well as the coffee shops I test out during my travels.

Nestled a few blocks away from the Civic Center BART Station you’ll find George and Lennie, an Of Mice and Men-inspired coffee shop in the Tenderloin. Yes, that really sad classic Steinbeck novel has inspired the establishment of a coffee shop. When my friend Miranda sent me the San Francisco Broadway email for possible places to check out before and after the show (the show meaning Hamilton!) my interest was peaked. As a book lover, I thought it was well worth checking out.

Located just across the street from my new go-to before a Broadway show sandwich shop, Morty’s, George and Lennie is convenient place to caffeinate during a long day trip to the city.

Pros about the place:

  • The name. Like I said, I love to read and can appreciate a businessman that decided to name his coffee shop after his favorite book.

  • The coffee is good, speciality coffee good. A little on the pricey side, but worth it to try something other than Starbucks.

  • The vibe. It's eclectic. Vinyl records, random pieces of art, lime green wall accents. It's not your cookie cutter coffee shop by any stretch of the imagination.

Cons about the place:

  • It's small. There is very little seating, so if anyone is already there, you might be inclined to leave rather than sit around and sip your coffee.

  • It's loud. If a group of people come in to get coffee then good luck hearing the person sitting across from you. It becomes incredibly difficult to hear.

  • You won't want to study there. At the other two cons suggest, this isn't exactly the kind of coffee shop that inspires writers or students to sit for hours to get some work done. The again, maybe that's by design.

Overall, if you are in the area and looking for a good cup of joe to grab and go as you walk around the city, George and Lennie’s is definitely a coffee shop worth checking out.