SOS: Sweets of Sacramento

Got a sweet tooth? Sacramento has a cure for that. From specialty candy shops to dessert diners to the most delicious donuts this side of the Mississippi (I'm guessing), Sacramento has a little something to satisfy everyone.

Here's your guide to the Sweets of Sacramento:

Marie’s Donuts

Me and Mark digging into a glazed donut. 

Me and Mark digging into a glazed donut. 

This place is so good they even anchor a yearly donut run. Yes, a run for donuts. And kids fighting cancer at local hospitals. You can support a good cause by running (or walking) in the Donut Dash held every year around March. 4 miles. 4 donuts (well 3 now, it used to be 4) and lots of families and doggies and friends to help keep you motivated along the way.

Saturday breakfast at Marie's became a ritual for my boyfriend and I when we first moved to Sacramento seven years ago. In fact, for a while it was the only place in town where I was recognized as a regular. This shop has ruined me for other donuts. I know it's calories well consumed when I have one in hand.


Location: 2950 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818 (Curtis Park)



Icing on the Cupcake

With three locations in the Sacramento area, Icing on the Cupcake is one place that has survived the burst of the Cupcake bubble. From their fun and inviting branding, to their clean shops with bountiful cupcake options, this is one place to stop to indulge in the occasional perfectly portioned cup of cake.

Living with gluten sensitivities? No worries. You can can celebrate the fact that there is always at least one cupcake option for you too. The coffee cake flavored one is particularly scrumptious. Unlike some of the other stops on our sweets tour of Sacramento, you probably won’t want to hang out at the shop itself - at least the one in midtown. It’s much more of a grab your treats and go kind of a place. Perfect if you are having people over for a dinner party and need a quick, fun and tasty dessert.


Location: 1730 J St., Suite A1, Sacramento, CA 95811(Midtown Sacramento)

Freeport Bakery

The outside of Freeport Bakery.

The outside of Freeport Bakery.

This Sacramento staple is the perfect place for a pastry after a long Saturday morning run around William Land Park. Or if you are in the market for a Ken-doll cake. More on that here.

You know when a bakery has a line out the door that it's a place you want to be. And that's definitely true when it comes to Freeport. The sheer variety of goodies you can get is astounding and the cakes are perfect for special occasions or just because. They even have seasonal items for holidays like Passover and Easter.

While there isn’t a lot of indoor or outdoor seating, it is a nice place to spend a morning with a cup of coffee, a pastry and good friend.


Location: 2966 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818


Gluten free and dairy free bakeries typically give me pause. It’s not often that gluten free also means tasty. But there is nothing to fear from this bakery and coffee shop located in the heart of midtown. The shop strikes a good balance between modern and inviting. It's clean, purposefully arranged and greets you with the smell of coffee and goodies. I haven't tried a variety of foods yet, but I’ve had a couple of their scones and they are on point. And while Pushkins doesn’t roast its own coffee, they do serve Ritual Coffee, a Bay Area based coffee roaster.

They have great patio space out front that I plan to take full advantage of on nice days. My only issue with the place is that it's exceptionally loud inside which can make meetings or catch up sessions a challenge.


Location:1820 29th Street, Sacramento, CA, 95816 (Midtown)

The Cookie Jar

So, technically this isn't in Sacramento, but rather the neighboring suburb of Elk Grove. If you are from Elk Grove or find yourself in the area, you will want to stop by the Cookie Jar. Actually, even if you aren't in the area you should consider a stop. In general, I'm not a huge cookie eater. I'll eat a couple around Christmas (only my mom’s homemade cookies) and will try a few throughout the year, but I don't crave them as an evening snack. However, I do crave The Cookie Jar cookies and will always suggest stopping by when I'm in or near Elk Grove. Located in the shopping center that also has Home Goods, World Market and Trader Joe's, I can get all my shopping done and reward myself with a delightful cookie.

The selection at The Cookie Jar rotates, but they always have some form of white chocolate chip plus some sort of nut cookie. They are THE BEST. Mouth watering and will make you wish you bought two.


Location: 9624 Bruceville Rd # 101, Elk Grove, CA 95757