Tour of East Sacramento's Little Free Libraries

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Who says wasting time on Facebook isn’t worthwhile? After an intriguing story about some of the most unusual libraries in the world appeared on my news feed, I clicked through enthusiastically, prepared to for some good old fashioned library porn. What I didn’t expect was something so adorable and useful: Little Free Libraries!

It turns out, people all over the world are crafting their own, mailbox-sized library and posting them in their yard. The purpose of these libraries is to create a community gathering place where neighbors share their favorite books with a prevailing “take one, leave one” policy. For book lovers like me, this is a dream come true.

It only took a few clicks of my mouse to learn that there was a Free Little Library  just one street over from where I used to live in East Sacramento. Obviously, I immediately had to check it out for myself.

Despite how dark it was outside, the birdhouse-like structure stood out, drawing me in. I approached the petite, beautifully decorated box, with a book in hand, ready to swap. Once there I opted to just leave one of my copies of Persuasion inside, not wanting to disturb the well organized shelves. There was also a small notepad inside the box filled with thank-yous from folks who had appreciated the free service of loaning books. I scribbled a brief message and walked away happy.

That was two years ago.

In that time my love and appreciation for these unique community assets has only grown, so I set out on a recent trek around East Sacramento to find the Free Little Libraries in my area.

Here's the first Free Little Library I visited two years ago. This is the start of the tour: 

Next stop: McKinley Park, which has two libraries to visit, including one in front of the grocery store that was established by a local Girl Scout troupe. Adorable! 

Next stop? River Park. The second library is one of my favorites. It looks like Dr. Seuss meets a Swiss Chalet. And there are lights! 

Once you drive out of River Park you loop back down towards Folsom Boulevard. While the official map only shows one Little Library, there are actually two. Bonus library! 


Then travel a little further south to Tahoe Park. 

Then back up to Elmhurst to finish the East Sacramento Little Free Library loop.  

And that's it! The whole loop should take you an hour and half to two hours depending on how much time - and how many pictures - you want to take at each little library. 

Want to tour the Little Free Libraries of East Sacramento? Find the map with address guide below. And don't forget to bring a book of your own to share with the libraries you visit. On this tour I gave away five books and took three. 

Note: To protect homeowner privacy, not all exact addresses are provided on the website. However, the map is online and you can check from there where the house is located.