Kaffeeklatsch: Calistoga, CA

My partner and I like to find good coffee wherever we travel. And whether we travel together, or alone, we think coffee is always the best souvenir to bring back. Since coffee plays a large role in my travel itinerary, I thought it'd be fun to highlight coffee shops I frequent in Sacramento, as well as the coffee shops I test out during my travels.

Calistoga may be best known for its wine, but they also have a few locally owned coffee shop options for the morning after a day of wine tasting.

During our recent trip, we went to Calistoga Roastery to grab a cup of joe and a breakfast sandwich before jumping in the car to head home.

We had walked past the coffee shop the night before while roaming around town and after a quick Google search of local coffee roasters, we determined it was the place to be. This was proven true when we went in the following morning. It was a place for locals, the regular’s names known by the man behind the register.  

Nostalgia soared through me when we sat at the table in the back corner, which is reserved during the week for a Stammtisch, a German phrase for an informal regular get-together or meeting. It was a fun reminder of my German club days back at UC Davis when we met monthly at a local bakery and coffee shop.

While the breakfast sandwich was just alright, the coffee itself (the main event) was tasty a tasty treat and Calistoga Roasters had an array of whole bean options for us to purchase and take home with us. My only qualm is that the bags of coffee were prepackaged, rather than packed upon ordering.

And the names of the coffee options were hilarious. We opted for: Eva's Bitch in a Bag. The man at the register assured us that the coffee tasted just as good as the name was funny.

Now we have a little taste of our trip at home, reminding us of our fun weekend away.

What you need to know: 

Location: 1426 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, CA 94515
Website: http://calistogaroastery.com/
Hours: Sunday - Thurs 6:30am to 4pm; Friday and Saturday 6:30am to 5pm