Have You Met Panda?

Haaaaavvvve you met Panda?

He’s my travel companion. Together we have gone across the US and the world and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. He’s probably the most well-traveled Panda you’ll ever meet, and he’s not even six inches tall.

Panda’s origin story

Panda was born on November 8th, 2008, the 87th of a 300 children. He made his way into my life through an unusual series of events which began with a Christmas dinner conversation. He then became my boyfriend's companion during the six months while I was away in Europe for grad school and quickly became an internet sensation when he took to traveling around his small university town of Davis, CA and posting pictures of his adventures online. I continued to post Panda’s adventures in the years since and he is always number 1 on my packing list.

Panda’s passport

Panda has done his fair share of traveling. Here’s the list of places Panda has visited (that I can remember):

  • Argentina

  • Canada

  • Chile

  • Costa Rica

  • Germany

  • Poland

  • Kenya

  • Tanzania

  • USA: New York City, Washington DC, Portland, San Diego, Cleveland and of course, Sacramento
Panda's Travel Map

Panda's Travel Map

Yeah, but why?

Panda is a great travel companion. He’s quiet. He’s compact. AND he’s ridiculously photogenic. He is the one constant in my travel plans and it's been so much fun to share the world with him.

My friends sometimes roll their eyes when I pull him out of my purse and set up a picture. But then they slowly get into it, suggesting alternative shots and holding him when he needs a steady hand.

He makes tourists laugh, their surprise evident by the traveling stuffed animal that appears out of nowhere. Half the fun is just see how people react to him.

Personally, I think everyone needs a Panda. And your Panda doesn't even need to be a panda. It could be a koala bear, a Jane Austen action figure, whatever you want it to be.

But while you are figuring it out, enjoy some of my favorite Panda pictures: