Weekend Getaway Packing Checklist

Weekend getaways are great, affordable way to see someplace new and it doesn't take a whole lot of effort.

In my 3-2-1 rule of travel I encourage readers to take three weekend getaway trips a year. Weekend getaways can be easy over-nighters in your own backyard or a quick getaway a short drive from home.

To make taking a weekend getaway even easier, I thought I would share with you a quick packing list:  

  • Go-bag: this is a simple bag that will hold everything you need for one night away. There is no need to bring more than you need, a simple duffel bag or a small rolling suitcase will do.

  • Sweater: you will want one item to keep you warm and cozy if it gets cold.

  • Dramamine and sea-bands: just in case you need to take winding roads to your destination. As someone who often struggles with motion sickness, this is a must.

  • One set of pajamas: even if you are staying for two or three nights, you only need one set of nightwear.

  • Toiletries: I like to have a set of travel shampoo, conditioner, face wash and lotion at the ready. In a pouch that is airport ready, this is a good grab and go item.

  • Sunscreen and makeup: sunscreen should always be worn, so don't forget it in your trip. And bring your makeup basics: foundation, mascara, eyeliner, your favorite eye shadow and a lipstick and chap-stick. No need to bring your whole makeup collection.

  • Shoes: one pair of tennis shoes for hiking, long walks and other adventurous activities and one pair of going out or cute shoes that will work for a fancy dinner. Don't bring more than two pairs, it's unnecessary.

  • Book: this is a given - at least for me - regardless of whether I'm going to work or am planning a getaway, I need a book in standby to read at night in the hotel or while I'm waiting for a tour to start.

  • Cell phone charger: don't leave home without it. My charger is always the item I almost forget. Make sure to pack it and any other electronics (and their chargers) before you go.

  • Plastic trash bag: throw your soiled clothes into a plastic bag to keep them separate from your clean ones. This is a good idea no matter how long you plan to be away.

  • Q-tips: maybe you clean your ears every day, but it's such a habit that you don't even think to pack your q-tips.

  • Vaseline: this makeup remover and chap-stick is a versatile must have.

  • Water bottle: stay hydrated. Make sure to bring a full bottle of water it's you at the start of your trip.

  • Your medicines - prone to headaches, acid reflux or have a chronic condition you are managing? Don't forget to double check that you have the meds and vitamins you will need while you are away.

  • Bottle of wine and an opener - it's always great to experience a new bar or restaurant and grab a drink there but it can add up quickly. You can save some money by bringing your own booze.

Here is the user friendly checklist you can use before your embark on your next weekend getaway.