Podcast Playlist

Podcasts are perfect for those pockets of time during our day when we need to be entertained, but need to remain hands free. Commuting to work or cooking in the kitchen are perfect examples of time in our days that could be spent learning or simply being entertained by a podcast.

But with so many podcasts out there, it can be tough weeding through the bad ones to find those gems that keep you coming back each week wanting more. So I decided it might be fun to share what I am listening to, and when.

Podcast Name: The Message

Suggested listening time: Great for road trips

Traveling with others for a long period of time and want to make sure you have ample entertainment options? The Message is perfect. It's different, it's compelling and it will keep you and your passengers engaged on the long journey. (Sidenote: I actually listened to it while taking a random road trip to Andersen’s Pea Soup restaurant with my boyfriend.)  

The concept: The NSA has tasked the Cypher Group with decoding a verified alien message that has plagued codebreakers for decades. Over the eight episodes, you will learn what becomes of the decoders. It’s stressful, engaging and a heck of a ride.

Podcast Name: Happier

Suggested listening time: Good for drives to your parents’ house

In The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin tried to experiment her way to happiness. She continues to share her research on happiness and habits with her Happier podcast, which she co-hosts with her sister Elizabeth Craft, a TV-show writer.

Habits can be freeing and the show emphasizes that you first need to understand yourself before you can change your habits. To do this, she has built a framework around how people react to expectations. For instance, if you are an upholder (as I am), you are able to meet both inner and outer expectations. Obligers, on the other hand have a difficult time holding themselves accountable, but are great if they have someone to account to. By knowing how you react to expectations, you can figure out how to life hack you way to a happier, healthier you.

Curious about your tendency? Take the Happier Four Tendency quiz.

Podcast Name: The Broad Experience

Suggested listening time: Commuting to work

The Broad Experience is about women in the workplace and the unique issues they (we) face. The first episode I listened to talked about women who graduated from college during the recession and their experiences and findings about entering the workforce during this volatile, uncertain time. As someone who graduated in the thick of it, I learned that my experience has been shared by a whole generation of both women and men who for the first time ever, might not be as well off as their parents. I was instantly hooked.

For those of us who want to lean in and want to continue to grow professionally, this podcast is for you.

Podcast Name: Two Dope Queens

Suggested listening time: After a rough day at work

Wish Jessica Williams replaced John Stewart on The Daily Show? So do I, but have no fear, she has her own podcast with BFF Phoebe Robinson and it’s funny AF. These two comedians take the stage for live comedy events, performing their own work and then inviting others to perform a set. They tackle everything from their hair (no, you can’t touch it), to sex, to living in the Big Apple. It will make you laugh out loud so hard, that it’s probably dangerous to listen to while driving.

Podcast Name: How I Built This

Suggested listening time: When driving around town with others

Not an entrepreneur, but want to be? Find out how regular, everyday people found a need in the market and created some of the most impressive products of today.

The first episode begins with the woman who founded Spanx. She didn’t have a background in design, or know how to mass produce a product, but she spent evenings learning what she needed to know to make her vision come to life.

The stories told are thoughtfully told and inspiring. So far we’ve heard from the founders of the Cliff Bar, Dermatologica and Southwest Airlines, just to name a few. Basically, this podcast is like an MBA lesson brought to life.

In Summary

My suggested listening times are just that, suggested. Frankly, these are all great podcast options that can and should be listened to whenever you feel like it.

As my favorite podcaster Gretchen Rubin likes to say at the end of her podcast: Onward.