Best Books to Travel With

A good book is critical to a good travel experience. It makes flights feel shorter and signals that you might actually have some downtime to relax. It is everything.

But with millions of books out there, it can feel overwhelming to pack the perfect book, or in many cases books, for a trip.

There are four distinct categories of books I gravitate towards when preparing for a trip:

The Bestseller

These can be found last minute at the airport or easily accessed on for purchase or immediate download. From Gone Girl to Fifty Shades of Grey, these are the books your friends and coworkers are already talking about, you might as well be able to join the conversation when you get back from your trip. They are easy, culturally relevant, and often a safe bet. My favorites include:

The Re-Read

Grab your favorite book off the shelf and go. The pages are well worn, well-loved, and you know exactly what is going to happen next, but it is exactly what you need when transitioning from working nine to fiver to vacationer. My favorites include:

The Tea Cozy Mystery

There are few things I enjoy more than a good book series. You find a set of characters that you love and follow them through their journey. These cozy mysteries are also tend to follow a formula, but if you invest in good characters, it doesn’t tend to matter. My favorites include:

The Trashy Romance

Who says smart girls can’t read smut? Romance novels are easy to read, like candy, and don’t require a whole lot of brainpower. The typical, easy to read formula make romance novels a great beach read. Or mountain read. Basically, wherever you go, the romance novel will work. And now that we have iPads, Kindles, Nooks, etc. you can feel a little less embarrassed by the silly titles and cover art. My favorites include:

So whether you are working with a Kindle, iPad, or keeping it classic with a physical book, there are a lot of options to choose from when you travel. Hopefully narrowing it down by types of books you like to read will make the selection process easier, giving you time to  focus on other things, like packing clothes and getting to the airport on time.